Papuan provincial government encourages young doctors to pursue PhD

Papuan provincial government encourages young doctors to pursue PhD

Secretary of the Papua Provincial Administration Hery Dosinaen held a gathering with medical doctors of the Jayapura Public Hospital on Oct 13, 2019. (FOTO ANTARA/ Hendrina Dian Kandipi)

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) - The Papua provincial government has been endeavoring to step up the quality of the province’s young doctors by goading them into taking up postgraduate-level academic studies in reputable medical schools at top universities outside Papua.

These young medical doctors, especially native Papuans, are encouraged to take up masters and PhD programs in medical sciences at reputable universities, Secretary of the Papua Provincial Administration Hery Dosinaen stated in Jayapura on Friday.

"Sending these young doctors is important. The Papuan children must improve their quality of education, especially in medical sciences," he noted.

After completing this postgraduate program, these young medical doctors will strive to meet the dire requirements of local health centers and hospitals throughout Papua to help bring about an improvement in the medical services offered to local people, he explained.

The related authority within the provincial administration is currently conducting a comprehensive study on the total budget requirement for this program and the number of young doctors to be sent to participate in the program, he stated.

Native Papuan medical doctor Ronal Aronggear, successfully obtaining a professional degree in surgery, is expected to serve as an inspiration and motivation to more members of Papua’s young generation to master medical sciences, he explained.

Sufficient well-educated medical doctors and specialists, especially those from native Papuan communities, are direly needed at health centers and hospitals in the provinces of Papua and West Papua.

The deadly rioting in Wamena on Sept 23 has prompted several doctors to leave this capital city of Jayawijaya District over security concerns.

On Sept 26, the Papua provincial government’s health office deployed 24 paramedics, including an orthopedic specialist, anesthesia specialist, and surgeon, to assist their colleagues at the Wamena public hospital in tending to victims of this week's rioting.

The hospital was desperately seeking medical doctors after 10 members of its staff, traumatized by the impact of the deadly rioting, applied for an emergency evacuation to Jayapura, Secretary of the Papua Health Office, Dr. Silvanus Sumule, explained.

Furthermore, five other doctors working at the Wamena public hospital also left the capital city of Jayawijaya District for Jayapura, the capital city of Papua Province, Sumule stated.

"We cannot stop the doctors since they are scared of and traumatized by the chaotic situation," Sumule remarked, adding that the death of their colleague, Doctor Soeko Marsetiyo, after being assaulted by rioters, had triggered a sense of anxiety among them.

Wamena's deadly rioting took place during a rally that the native Papuan students had staged on September 23. Some 33 people, including a medical doctor, lost their lives, while no less than 77 others got injured due to the riot that also compelled several thousand residents, mostly non-native Papuans, to take refuge.

The dead and wounded comprised non-native Papuans assaulted by rioters brandishing machetes and arrows. Related news: UI Medical School's alumni in Papua to not join exodus
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