Jokowi points to private company dominating sea toll product pricing

Jokowi points to private company dominating sea toll  product pricing

President Jokowi chaired a limited cabinet meeting on Oct 30, 2019 (photo: antara/ Bayu Prasetyo/ FA)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) urged ministers to improve the sea toll programme after drawing attention to a private company taking on a dominant role in pricing products transported through the port-to-port route.

"Recently, commodities shipped via existing routes were dominated by a certain private company," Jokowi stated at a limited meeting with the Indonesia Onward Cabinet in Jakarta, Wednesday, discussing maritime and investment programmes.

The president is currently reviewing the company's identity while concurrently calling on related ministries to resolve the matter since dominance will give the private company undue power to determine product pricing.

Jokowi emphasized that the sea toll  programme was aimed at lowering the shipping costs of essential products to remote areas.  

"If the sea toll exists but does not aid in lowering the prices of products, then the purpose is lost?" he questioned.

"If it is dominated by only one company, then the contrary would occur. We set up a facility for them . This is that we do not want to," he explained.


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