Syndicate changes method, drug smuggling entry points to Nunukan

Syndicate changes method, drug smuggling entry points to Nunukan

Head of the Drugs Investigation Unit of Nunukan Police Adjunct Commissioner Eka Berlin. (ANTARA/Rusman/sh)

Nunukan, N Kalimantan (ANTARA) - The police in Nunukan, North Kalimantan, highlighted the change in the region’s drug syndicate’s modus operandi and entry points for smuggling illicit drugs from the neighboring country, thereby necessitating an increase in its monitoring coverage.

"The modus and route were changed," Head of the Drug Investigation Unit of the Nunukan Police Adjunct Commissioner Eka Berlin stated here on Wednesday.

Berlin did not elaborate further on the syndicate's new operations and route.

The syndicate had earlier smuggled the drugs from Malaysia into Sebatik Island in the northeast of North Kalimantan through illegal migrant workers before distributing the illicit drug by sea to other regions in the country.

However, since the police unveiled this route and modus, the syndicate has changed the method of working.

According to reports, the illicit drug has currently been distributed by road from Nunukan District in North Kalimantan to other regions.

Located near the border area, Nunukan Regency is a well-identified gateway of transnational drug syndicates to smuggle illicit drugs from Malaysia into the Indonesian territory. Related news: East Java police seize 15 kg of crystal meth smuggled from Malaysia
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