Indonesia’s State-owned Companies Go Global, Display Innovation at Hannover Messe Exhibition

Indonesia’s State-owned Companies Go Global, Display Innovation at Hannover Messe Exhibition

Minister of State-owned Enterprise of Republic of Indonesia Erick Thohir

Jakarta (ANTARA) -- As many as 13 Indonesia’s state-owned companies display their latest innovations at the largest industrial technology exhibition, Hannover Messe 2021 as the nation aims to be one of the top 10 global economies in 2030. 

That goal can be achieved by accelerating the fourth industrial revolution and doing not only technological transformation but also digital transformation in the industry, especially during this pandemic, President 
Joko Widodo said. 

Indonesia is also the first nation in the south east Asian countries that became official partner of the exhibition which is held in digital edition this year. The participation in Hannover Messe is part of the country’s policy “Making Indonesia 4.0”. 

‘We expect our state-owned companies can ‘go global’ as we have planned in our ministry’s road map. Not only by acquiring other companies but also leading in the global competition,” said Erick Thohir, minister of state-owned enterprises. 

Some state-owned companies have adopted dan developed recent technology to compete and lead the competition in the digital technology, specifically in energy industry, automotive, electronics, chemical 
and pharmaceuticals industry and health equipment industry. 

Indonesia’s energy holding company, PT Pertamina shows its support for the 4.0 industry transformation by stepping up on its efforts in transitioning energy consumption from fossil fuels to renewable energy. 

For energizing its sustainable future, Pertamina is converting its refineries to produce green diesel, green jet fuels and green gasoline, optimizing geothermal capacity, as well as utilizing green hydrogen. It also works with other state-owned companies to develop EV battery and energy storage system in Indonesia. 

Meanwhile, the state-owned company in the electricity sector, PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara promotes its digital-based products that can acclerate business processes, such as the iCORE Digital Power Plant for electricity generation, Digitally Enabled Distribution Excellence for electricity distribution, PLN Mobile 
application for customer service and Charge.In application for charging electric vehicles. 

A testing, inspection and certification company, PT Surveyor Indonesia is showcasing its drone-powered enhanced solution services for predictive maintenance and remote surveys. Meanwhile, Indonesia’s state mint, Peruri developed a research institute for authenticity and collaborated with SICPA SA (a Switzerland company) and Giesecke+Devrient (a German company). In the Hannover Messe, Peruri introduces its innovations in digital business solution with its products: Peruri Sign, Peruri Code and Peruri Trust. 

PT Pupuk Indonesia, the holding company for state-owned fertilizer producers, has implemented “Smart Production” system which uses big data system that integrates several data including operational data 
and the distributed control system. The system is expected to increase efficiency of operations and monitors production process in real time. The company also implements ‘Smart Distributions” system that integrates data in the warehouses all the way through the ports. Other smart product by Pupuk Indonesia is the PreciPalm or Precision Agricuture Platform for Palm Oil that provides digital maps on soil condition in oil palm plantation that can give recommendations for fertilization. 

Indonesian pharmaceutical holding company, PT Bio Farma, displays “bio tracking”, “bio detect” and an integrated packaging line for vaccine distributions. A thermal sensor and a GPS are installed in vaccine transporting vehicles to monitor temperature inside the vehicles and its real time position. The company seeks to expand its market to eastern Europe after joining the Hannover Messe exhibition. PT Indofarma also promotes several premium products and seeks to attract foreign investment in pharmaceutical and herbal products. PT Kimia Farma, another state-owned pharmaceutical company also joins the exhibition, alongside its subsidiary PT Kimia Farma Sungwun Phramacopia. 

The largest port operator in Indonesia, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II is showcasing several of its latest innovation, including i-Hub, an application for one-stop port service and e-government solution like 
National Single Window and Online Single Submission. 

In line with the focus on transforming into a digital telecommunications company, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia brought several digital solutions, including digital connectivity, digital platform and digital 
service, to be displayed in Hannover Messe virtual exhibition. 

PT INKA, the first integrated train manufacturer in south east Asia presents its electric bus “E-Inobus” that was produced in a configurable virtual workstation concept. While the nation’s shipbuilder, PT PAL Indonesia introduces a dual fuel (diesel and LNG) barge mounted plant, a floating power plant that could 
be operated in shallow waters and remote regions. 

Another state-owned company that attends the Hannover Messe, is PT Barata Indonesia that produces various machinery and components including for power plants and trains. The company expects to expand its market and joins the global supply chain for industrial components. 

“Leadership and technology transformation will create a momentum that will not only brings us out of this pandemic but also push us to leap further ahead,” Thohir said. Indonesia’s participation in the exhibition will boost state-owned companies to go global and opens opportunity in partnership in business and investment cooperation with international companies towards building industry 4.0.