KAI provided discounts as a mark of appreciation to passengers that use (KAI's) trains as their preferred transportation mode
Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned railway company PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) has given discounts on long-distance train tickets for several customer groups, including elderly customers aged 60 years or above.

"KAI provided discounts as a mark of appreciation to passengers that use (KAI's) trains as their preferred transportation mode," Vice President for Public Relations of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) Joni Martinus noted in his statement here on Monday.

Especially for older adult passengers, Martinus remarked that KAI gives a discount of 20 percent applicable daily for all classes.

Apart from older adults, other passenger groups, such as veterans, officers of the Indonesian Military (TNI) and the National Police (Polri), and journalists are also eligible for discounted ticket prices, with different degrees of discounts on offer.

"Check the terms and conditions of the reduced prices for KAI customers on the KAI121 social media account or contact the station's customer service and KAI Contact Center," he remarked.

Martinus informed that passengers seeking the discount should register at the station's customer service or counter by bringing their ID cards.

If the customer appointed a representative to register, then the representative should bring the customer's ID card and the latest photo of the customer to be registered. The customer should be registered no later than three hours before the train's departure schedule.

Registered customers can purchase discounted tickets through the KAI Access application or the station's ticket counter. Thereafter, on the day of departure, customers must show their ID cards to the boarding officers.

Martinus expressed optimism that the reduction in ticket prices would help KAI customers to travel at more affordable prices.

"We are conveying the information on this price reduction to the public, so that there is no misinformation. The public should not hesitate to check information related to KAI services circulating among the community by contacting the station's customer service or the KAI Contact Center," he remarked.

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