Jakarta (ANTARA) - The East Jakarta Social Service offered assistance by distributing some 950 packages of ready-to-eat food and beverage to victims of the Ciliwung River flooding here on Wednesday.

The East Jakarta Social Service's Social Protection and Handling of the Poor Section Head, Ridwan, explained that the assistance was handed over to residents living in Kramat Jati Sub-District.

"We distributed 450 packages of rice boxes and bottled water for the affected residents in Cililitan Village, while in Cawang Village, we distributed 500 packages," Ridwan revealed.

He remarked that the ready-to-eat food aid was cooked at the East Jakarta Social Service's public kitchen located in the Duren Sawit Sub-District area.

He also stated that the Ciliwung River flood victims in the villages of Cililitan and Cawang did not evacuate despite their houses being submerged by floods, with waters reaching heights of between 60 cm and 1.4 m.

Meanwhile, Ridwan said, residents still received food assistance because they had not been able to cook, as their homes were inundated with waters of the river overflowing from Bogor.

"The request from each village head is rice boxes and water for morning and night," he stated.

According to Ridwan, floodwaters from the overflowing of Ciliwung River that had inundated the villages of Cawang and Cililitan had begun receding gradually, and residents had started to clean their homes.

"Ready-to-eat food and mineral water have been distributed to the Cawang and Cililitan villages. Later, the village offices will distribute them to residents affected by the flood," he remarked.

Earlier, on May 31, Katulampa Weir, Bogor City, West Java, where the Ciliwung River flows through, was set at level 2, or alert, for floods, as it recorded a water surface level (TMA) of 170 cm.

"Jakarta's residents are expected to be alert for floods, (as) the rains that fell in the afternoon around Bogor made the TMA increase instantly," a Katulampa Weir officer, Jaenudin, stated.

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