Bekasi, West Java (ANTARA) - The Greater Jakarta Police's Traffic Directorate confirmed that 10 people had died in a traffic accident involving a trailer truck at the Sultan Agung Road, Bekasi, West Java, on Wednesday.

"The total number of victims is 30 people, and 10 people are killed (in the accident)," the Police's Traffic Director, Senior Commissioner Latif Usman, stated here.

He informed that all injured victims and casualties have been evacuated to the city's Ananda Hospital and Chasbullah Abdulmadjid Regional General Hospital.

The accident occurred in front of the Kota Baru II and III Public Primary School, the senior commissioner remarked while adding that the accident victims mostly comprised school pupils, who had recently left the school and parents picking up their children at the school.

Apart from school pupils and their parents, other victims in the accident are drivers passing the school and street hawkers selling food in front of the school, he noted.

"Vehicles involved in the accident are a trailer truck with metal cargo, two motorcycles, and one pick-up truck struck down by a (collapsed) telecommunication pole," Usman remarked.

He said that the accident occurred when the trailer truck, crossing the road in the direction from Kranji to Cakung, East Jakarta, suddenly banked left in front of the school.

"We rule out brake failure (as the cause of the accident) because the brake was functional (at the time of the accident). Hence, we assume that (the accident is caused) by the speed factor," Usman remarked.

Meanwhile, accident witness Asmawi said that the accident occurred at a time coinciding with the conclusion of the class at the Kota Baru II and III Public Primary School.

"The accident occurred at 10 a.m. local time. When I picked up my child after school, the accident occurred," he stated.

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