Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture called on the public to prevent tuberculosis (TB) by practicing clean and healthy living behavior.

"People need to implement clean and healthy living behavior to prevent various diseases, including tuberculosis," the ministry's deputy of coordination for health quality improvement and population development, Agus Suprapto, stated in Jakarta on Friday.

Suprapto remarked that at this time, the government continued to intensify the TB control program through the find and treat until cured (TOSS) movement.

"The TOSS TB movement is a form of campaign that aims to work together to find cases of tuberculosis," he stated.

Through this movement, the government continues to find as many TB cases as possible through active screening in the community to the correctional facility, he remarked.

In addition, passive screening was conducted on those seeking treatment at health care facilities, he stated.

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"We hope that in future, the coverage will continue to be expanded through workplace screening and educational facilities," Suprapto remarked.

He noted that the TOSS movement also focused on handling people having come in close contact with TB sufferers.

"After a TB case is found through screening and diagnosis, the next activity conducted in the TOSS movement is to take treatment until the patient recovers," he remarked.

Suprapto said the ministry also urges the entire community to play an active role in the success of the TOSS movement to accelerate the TB control program in the country.

"In addition, we will continue to remind the public to always strengthen clean and healthy living behavior to reduce the risk of the TB disease spreading and transmitting. Please always maintain body immunity by eating healthy food and exercising regularly," he affirmed.

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Translator: Wuryanti Puspitasari, Resinta S
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