West Manggarai, East Nusa Teng (ANTARA) - The Labuan Bajo Flores Tourism Authority Board (BPOLBF) said that state-owned insurance holding firm Indonesia Financial Group (IFG) is serving as a strategic partner for advancing tourism in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

"We believe IFG has become a strategic partner to support Labuan Bajo to improve," president director of BPOLBF, Shana Fatina, said here on Saturday while speaking about the IFG Labuan Bajo Marathon 2022 held the same day.

She lauded and welcomed the IFG Labuan Bajo Marathon, saying the physical infrastructure development in the area has finished and can support the revival of Labuan Bajo tourism.

Fatina noted that besides sports events, the IFG is also helping resolve education and waste-related problems in Labuan Bajo.

For that reason, the BPOLBF will support the IFG in holding similar events in the future, she added.

"We are ready to support the IFG that has committed to carry out this activity every year," she said.

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Meanwhile, deputy district head of West Manggarai, Yulianus Weng, also lauded the IFG's support for Labuan Bajo tourism, saying the IFG Labuan Bajo Marathon helped increase hotel occupancy in the region.

In addition, an MSME exhibition was held at Waterfront City Labuan Bajo to support business actors.

The IFG is helping the government encourage regional economic recovery through tourism, he said.

"Tourism is our prime mover. If tourism is running, the economy is growing through this activity; of course, the local government fully supports it," he remarked.

He expressed the hope that similar events would be organized again in the following years. The local government will also collect data on various national-level events in Labuan Bajo.

The IFG Labuan Bajo Marathon was organized by MesaGo and sponsored by IFG. The marathon was attended by 1,500 participants from within and outside the country.

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