Ciawi, West Java (ANTARA) - At least 57 thousand vehicles were recorded on the Puncak route as of 12:30 p.m. local time on Saturday, the Bogor Police reported.

"The peak (of traffic crossing the Puncak route) was yesterday. It was calculated that there were around 35 thousand vehicles between Friday (December 23, 2022) at 12 a.m. and Saturday at 12 a.m., then there were another 22 thousand until Saturday afternoon,” head of Bogor Police's Traffic Unit, adjunct commissioner Dicky Anggi Pranata, informed at Gadog Interchange, Bogor.

Although the peak of homecoming flow declined the day before Christmas, 22 thousand vehicles used the Puncak route, up 20 percent compared to normal days, when their number reaches 18 thousand, he said.

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Based on ANTARA's monitoring in Gadog Interchange on Saturday afternoon, the traffic authorities had implemented the one-way scheme on the Puncak-Jakarta route. Traffic movement to Jakarta was smooth.

Meanwhile, there were few motorcycles and cars that traveled from the direction of Puncak, especially from Cianjur.

At 2:25 p.m. local time, the police reopened two lanes to allow vehicles coming from the Jagorawi Toll Road to go to Puncak and Cianjur.

Pranata said that the one-way traffic implementation was carried out to reduce traffic congestion. The route was opened whenever the volume of vehicles began to normalize.

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"It is situational, we open the route when (the congestion) reduces," he said, adding that the traffic was expected to remain congested until evening.

To ensure smooth traffic flow, he said, the Bogor Police has imposed the odd-even license plate rule.

With the help of electronic traffic law enforcement (ETLE) cameras, at least 2 thousand vehicles were caught violating the rule on Friday, two days before Christmas. The traffic violations were mostly made by motorcycle riders who were forced to turn back.

"The odd-even rule has been imposed from yesterday until tomorrow, and will be continued until New Year's eve," Pranata informed.

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