(Increasing) digital literacy continues to be carried out by all parties, not only by the government but by the community to build its strength
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Counter-Terrorism Agency (BNPT) has urged college students to become agents of peace by spreading the narrative of nationalism as Indonesia's future leaders.

"BNPT invites young people, especially college students in Semarang, to play an active role in spreading peace and national insight narratives with the ideology of Pancasila and increasing commitment for Indonesia," head of the agency Boy Rafli Amar said in a statement here on Wednesday.

He made the statement when inaugurating Warung NKRI in Semarang, Central Java, on Tuesday (March 7, 2023).

As agents of peace, students are expected to build their digital literacy to prevent being easily influenced by hoaxes and narratives of hate.

Today's digital generation can access various sources of information through social media, he noted.

Social media is often abused by certain groups to spread narratives based on the ideologies of intolerance, radicalism, and terrorism, which are anti-diversity, anti-humanity, and justify violence.

"(Increasing) digital literacy continues to be carried out by all parties, not only by the government but by the community to build its strength," he said.

Amar reminded the younger generation to always be vigilant against groups promoting terror ideologies that intend to divide a nation and create social disintegration.

The presence of the 22nd Warung NKRI in Semarang is part of BNPT's efforts to improve nationalism narratives and increase the youth's understanding of the dangers of intolerance, radicalism, and terrorism, he said.​​​​​​​

Warung NKRI will feature relevant figures who have insights into nationalism and can serve as an inspiration for young people.

Meanwhile, head of the Central Java National and Political Unity Agency (Kesbangpol), Haerudin, said that the province is ready to support all deradicalization and counter-radicalism programs.

"We support and always cooperate with BNPT. Kesbangpol also has a call center for terrorism prevention and countermeasures," he added.

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