Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Trade stated that Indonesia will declare itself as the world's Muslim fashion center in 2024 in line with its persistent efforts to market Indonesian halal products globally.

“Our Muslim fashion industry will make a declaration next year, as mandated by the vice president and the president. Next year, we will surely make a declaration as the world's modest fashion center," the Ministry of Trade’s Director General of National Export Development, Didi Sumedi, stated.

The statement was made during the publication of Indonesia's halal product export performance in Jakarta on Tuesday.

As Indonesia prepares itself for the declaration, the Ministry of Trade, alongside Bank Indonesia (BI) and the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (Kemenkop UKM), is actively promoting Indonesian fashion at the international level.

Modest fashion is a style that emphasizes more on coverage of the body and does not overly accentuate the body curves. The concept of modest fashion became popular, as it could integrate religious values and fashion.

“We, alongside BI and Kemenkop UKM, are constantly promoting Muslim fashion to the global market,” Sumedi stated.

Sumedi remarked that one of the promotional efforts is encouraging the domestic fashion industry to actively participate in various famous fashion week events, such as New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week.

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He emphasized that Indonesia seeks to dominate the global market by focusing on key markets to support the presence of Indonesian Muslim fashion in the international world.

“We will uphold our modest and Muslim fashion in the international market because we are following its existence on famous World Fashion Week platforms,” Sumedi remarked.

He stated that the only differentiating factor between modest fashion and Muslim fashion is the hijab. Fashion without a hijab is considered modest fashion, while with hijab, it is considered to be Muslim fashion.

Similarly, BI’s Head of Sharia Financial and Economic Department, Arief Hartawan, stated that his side is ready to support Indonesia’s vision as the world's modest fashion center.

With Indonesian designers and the richness of Indonesian traditional fabrics, Indonesia can compete on the global fashion stage, Hartawan stated.

“Our designers, the materials, and Indonesian traditional fabrics are extraordinary, from Sabang to Merauke. Be it tenun or batik fabrics, it can be modified into something significant,” he remarked.

Hartawan expressed hope that the Indonesia Modest Fashion Week would eventually gain recognition in the global fashion calendar in its endeavors to create a positive impact in the international fashion world.

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