Semarang, C Java (ANTARA) - The Semarang city police informed on Sunday that local cops raided a truck carrying 226 dogs at the Kalikangkung toll gate on Saturday evening (Jan 6).

The cops secured the dogs and detained two men who transported the domestic mammals for investigation purposes, Semarang Police Chief Senior Commissioner Irwan Anwar said.

According to Anwar, the truck driver with license plate number AD 1358 YE and his traveling companion were in police custody after they failed to show a legal document attached to their carriage of goods.

The men are identified as S (48) and A (49), Anwar said, adding that they are residents of Gemolong Subdistrict, Sragen District, Central Java.

The police raided the truck to follow up on an animal activist's report of illegal transport of dogs, he said, without elaborating on whether the driver was transporting the dogs for commercial purposes.

Anwar says the driver and his companion are charged with Law No.41/2014 on Cattle and Animal Health.

ANTARA learned that the Semarang city administration had issued a circular letter banning the dog meat trade. Those violating the regulation get legal sanctions.

The Circular Letter Number B/426/524/I/2022 on the Dog Meat Trade Ban has been effective since February 2022.

Additionally, to stop the slaughtering of dogs and cats for human consumption, the Tomohon animal market in North Sulawesi Province has stopped the sale of dog and cat meat since July 2023.

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Translator: Rahmad Nasution
Editor: Bayu Prasetyo
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