Padang, W Sumatra (ANTARA) - Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Muhammad Syarifuddin drew attention to the current dearth of judges in the country to handle various cases.

"Every year, many judges of our High Court retire, so the addition (of judges) is needed," Syarifuddin remarked at the after-service graduation of the Chief Justice of the Padang High Court in Padang, West Sumatra, on Friday.

Syarifuddin pointed out that annually, the number of judges reduced by around 300 owing to factors, such as retirement, illness, or dismissal due to serious violations.

To anticipate the declining number of judges, Syarifuddin said he needed to accept judge candidates every year to cover the shortage.

"Now, we are still growing the number of judges, approximately one thousand to 1,500 judges throughout Indonesia. However, that figure is still not enough," he said.

Hence, he is upbeat that the government would provide additional opportunities for the Supreme Court to recruit more judges so that various cases submitted to the court can be resolved immediately.

In his speech, the Supreme Court chief stated that to become a leader, especially in a judicial institution, intelligence alone would not suffice.

According to Syarifuddin, a judge must have strong integrity and be experienced in running a judicial organization.

He stated that being a judge is replete with challenges, especially in making decisions on cases.

He remarked that judges must also contend with social constraints, political forces that constantly test them, and the temptation to accept bribes.

Meanwhile, to prevent violations of the justices’ code of ethics, Syarifuddin said his side has strengthened the supervision of judges through approaches, such as information technology.

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