Jakarta (ANTARA) - Hajj flights' on-time performance in the first phase of 2024 Hajj departure from Indonesia reached 86.99 percent, according to Maria Kristi Endah Murni, Director General of Air Transportation.

The flight service was provided by two airlines: Garuda Indonesia and Saudia.

"The on-time performance for both airlines stands at 86.99 percent," Murni said in a statement from the Ministry of Transportation on Sunday. "Garuda Indonesia recorded 78.68 percent, while Saudia 96.51 percent."

She explained that 144,961, or 67.1 percent, of all 216,065 Indonesian Hajj pilgrims have departed for Saudi Arabia from May 12 to 30.

During the first phase of departure, the ministry recorded 48 delays, with 42 attributed to Garuda Indonesia. Murni said that these delays were caused by technical and operational factors.

"Garuda Indonesia addressed the delays by deploying wide-body aircraft to transport Hajj pilgrims," she said.

Murni called on both airlines to remain committed to providing the best services and to promptly address any issues.

Meanwhile, the ministry's spokesperson, Adita Irawati, stated that a coordination meeting was held with stakeholders, including the Ministry of Religious Affairs, to evaluate the first phase of Hajj flights.

The ministry emphasizes its commitment to closely monitoring the Hajj flights until all pilgrims return to Indonesia.

"Our priority is to maintain the safety and security of Hajj pilgrims and ensure that the problems encountered in the first phase do not recur in the second phase," Irawati remarked.

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Translator: Muhammad Harianto, Raka Adji
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