Jepara (ANTARA) - Hundreds of residents of Jepara, Central Java, embarked on a 44-kilometer march to commemorate the birth of Indonesia's national philosophy, Pancasila.

The long march, initiated by former Jepara District Head Dian Kristiandi, began at the memorial site of national hero Ratu Kalinyamat on Friday afternoon and concluded at Jepara town square on Saturday.

Kristiandi said the 44-kilometer distance represents the age of national founder Soekarno while conceiving Pancasila and declaring Indonesia's independence on August 17, 1945.

According to him, the long march is to pay homage to ancestors who fought for national freedom.

"As the inheritor generation, we should show our determination by at least helping each other and through our firm willpower on this long march," Kristiandi stated in Jepara.

The 79 main participants represented the 79th anniversary of Pancasila, proposed for the first time by Soekarno on June 1, 1945, as the philosophical basis of an independent Indonesia.

Meanwhile, hundreds of other participants from various ages and groups, such as university students and members of public organizations, also joined the long march.

Some participants became the flag bearers of Indonesia's red-and-white flag, and some others joined with their hair shaved clean.

The march continued into the night, and participants carried torchlights to motivate each other to finish the march to Jepara town square.

Kristiandi expressed hope that the long march can reflect the determination of its participants to continue practicing Pancasila values and devoting themselves to the nation.

"We hope the long march can enliven Pancasila Day and propagate Pancasila, especially in Jepara. We hope it will be a spirit that can be spread to the Indonesian people," he remarked.

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Translator: Akhmad Nazaruddin, Nabil Ihsan
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