Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia's Deputy Health Minister Dante Saksono Harbuwono stated that of the total 3,057 hospitals to implement the Standard Inpatient Class (KRIS), some 2,316 have met all the class criteria.

"Based on our survey as of May 20, we found that 79.05 percent, or 2,316 hospitals, have fulfilled the 12 KRIS criteria," he remarked in a working meeting with Commission IX of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR RI) on Thursday.

Moreover, 363 hospitals have met 11 KRIS class criteria, 43 hospitals met 10 criteria, 272 hospitals met up to nine criteria, and 63 hospitals did not meet the criteria, he elaborated.

Presidential Regulation Number 59 of 2024 concerning Health Insurance on May 8, 2024, stipulates 12 standard criteria for KRIS service.

Article 46A of the Presidential Decree necessitates 12 criteria for treatment facilities and inpatient services, including sturdy building components with low porosity, proper ventilation, and adequate room lighting.

The other requisites are bed equipment, such as the provision of at least two sockets and a nurse bell, and room temperature to lie around 20-26 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, health service facility providers also need to segregate inpatient rooms based on the patient's gender and age, as well as whether the disease afflicting the patient is infectious or non-infectious in nature.

The best way to split the inpatient room is to take into account the ideal density in a room, with no more than four beds and curtains separating them.

Inpatient rooms should also be equipped with bathroom facilities with accessibility standards for disabilities as well as oxygen outlets that meet the requirements to guarantee patient safety.

KRIS Implementation is a mandate of Law Number 40 of 2004 concerning the National Social Security System (SJSN). It aims to provide equal health facilities and services for National Health Insurer (BPJS Health) participants.

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