We have eggs and fish, but we choose to eat noodles, even sell fish to buy noodles, this is very ironic.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Head of the National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) Hasto Wardoyo has asked the public to get creative in processing local food and not rely on processed wheat products such as noodles.

"We have eggs and fish, but we choose to eat noodles, even sell fish to buy noodles, this is very ironic," he said while delivering the keynote speech at the "Civil Servants Care About Population" seminar, which was followed from here on Friday.

According to him, Indonesians should not eat just noodles because the country has cassava, the porang or the Amorphophallus muelleri plant, and other food crops that can help improve the quality of the population.

He also emphasized the importance of not living extravagantly and spending the family's finances on unnecessary items, such as cigarettes.

"Let's start from civil servants to not live extravagantly; if we look at the family's expenses, the highest is rice, the second is cigarettes, and so on, the actual spending is not needed but wanted," he said.

In addition, he emphasized the importance of giving preference to domestic products in meeting family needs.

"We must love domestic products, utilize local and national products to meet the family needs, as well as improve the quality of the population and family," he said.

He also reminded families to be creative and selective in processing nutritious food.

He then invited civil servants to set an example in building families with good physical and mental quality in order to realize Golden Indonesia 2045.

"Let's build this nation, build the soul and the body; don't be complacent where the physicality does not have stunting, but the mentality is not good," he said.

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