Singapore, (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- Motiff, a revolutionary AI-powered design tool, made waves at the SuperAI Summit today with its global debut, aims to redefine the UI design landscape with a suite of cutting-edge AI features that promise to boost efficiency, creativity, and productivity.

Motiff introduces an unprecedented level of efficiency and innovation to the industry. AI Reduplication streamlines repetitive "copy-paste-modify" tasks, saving valuable time. AI Layout offers seamless switching between freeform and structured design, providing flexibility and convenience. AI Design System revolutionizes the way designers create and maintain design systems, achieving in minutes what used to take weeks. AI Generates UI can instantly turn designers' ideas into action.

Apart from its AI capabilities, Motiff is also distinguished by its outstanding editor performance. It is a fully web-based design tool with the world's first design product that supports editing over 1 million layers on a single canvas. Its self-developed rendering engine offers superior performance, maintaining over 50 FPS in almost all design scenarios, making it more fluent than Figma, a major industry competitor.

UI design professionals have long struggled with inefficiencies and repetitive tasks. While tools like Figma have improved collaboration, Motiff provides a comprehensive AI-driven solution that largely enhances productivity within corporations.

With such strong capabilities, Motiff adopts a competitive pricing strategy. The global pricing of Motiff includes a free plan, a professional plan at $4/month with dev mode at $1/month, and an organization plan at $15/month with dev mode at $3/month--over 80% cheaper than the pricing of Figma. To attract early adopters, Motiff's AI features will be available for free for a period of time.

The launch event took place at the SuperAI Summit in Singapore, one of the most anticipated AI conferences in the world, gathering world-class AI companies. In addition to Motiff, leading companies like Microsoft, Google and AWS showcased their latest innovations, discussing the future of AI technology.

"Motiff's ambition is to make a state-of-the-art product and embrace the global market," Ryan Zhang, Co-Founder of Motiff stated: "With AI, design tools' contribution to productivity will increase exponentially."

About Motiff

Motiff is a revolutionary AI-powered professional design tool that empowers creators to unlock new levels of productivity and inspiration. Unveiled at the prestigious SuperAI Singapore Summit on June 5, 2024, Motiff stands out as a comprehensive, superior-performing solution in the era of AI-driven design.

With its innovative AI features, Motiff redefines the design process, enhancing efficiency, igniting creativity, and boosting productivity. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge AI technologies, Motiff streamlines workflows, automates repetitive tasks, and provides intelligent suggestions, allowing designers to focus on their creative vision.

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