Jakarta (ANTARA) - Chief of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP), General (retd.) Moeldoko, explored opportunities for innovation collaboration with several private digital companies to pursue the target of creating nine million digital talents by 2030.

"Currently, Indonesia can only produce 100 thousand to 200 thousand digital talents per year," he said during a meeting with representatives of Japan's Scent Store, which is pursuing digital transformation in the fragrance industry, at the Bina Graha Building, Jakarta, on Wednesday.

Moeldoko said he believes that the supply of digital talent in Indonesia still needs to be increased.

To create nine million digital talents by 2030, he is encouraging the development of massive digital talent innovation centers in Indonesia to produce an average of 600 thousand digital talents per year.

"This means that currently, there is still a gap of 400 thousand to 500 thousand per year," he said.

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At the meeting, Scent Store expressed its readiness to collaborate with the Indonesian government in producing digital talents.

Scent Store develops technology that converts scents into digital data and then transforms them into real scents. The technology uses aroma analysis techniques, aroma digitization, aroma data storage, and aroma synthesis.

The technology works based on an application system that stores aroma data and then connects it to a diffuser device. Within a few seconds, users can smell the same aroma as the original scent.

"This innovation is extraordinary; we never imagined that the sense of smell could also be transmitted into digital data," Moeldoko said.

He welcomed the digital talent development collaboration offered by Scent Store as part of efforts to achieve the target of nine million digital talents by 2030.

"We hope that this collaboration can be realized in concrete steps so that Indonesia's dreams can soon be fulfilled in realizing digital talent," he said.

Scent Store representative director, Alex Tsai, expressed his company's seriousness about collaborating with Indonesia.

"Scent Store not only wants to introduce new technology but also wants to work together to increase human resource capacity in Indonesia, especially in the digital sector," he said.

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