Jakarta (ANTARA) - Veteran actor Mandra and other Betawi artists participating in Jakarta's 497th anniversary event on Saturday called for the continued preservation of Betawi art and culture.

Mandra said that he was happy that many people came to watch a traditional theater performance called lenong that featured artists from Sinar Noray Studio, which was established by the late comedy icon Mpok Nori.

"At least, people who were born or have lived in Jakarta are keen to appreciate and respect the culture that exists in Jakarta," Mandra said.

Engkar Karmilasari, the leader of Sinar Noray Studio and Mpok Nori's daughter, said that her studio and Mandra were invited to collaborate on a lenong performance to introduce and promote appreciation for Betawi culture, a cornerstone of Indonesian art and culture.

The performance, titled "Seribu Akal Si Gede Boong" (The Cunning Liar), was an unscripted comedic play with the implicit message that parents must set an example of honesty and teach responsible behavior to their children.

The theme, conveyed through the play, aimed to teach children the importance of honesty and that parents play a crucial role in instilling this value.

"Just like what Mr. Mandra said earlier, if the parents lie, their children will also imitate them," Karmilasari remarked.

Both Karmilasari and Mandra expressed hope for the continued appreciation of Betawi art and culture.

The event also featured a performance by 13 gambang kromong traditional orchestra musicians playing Betawi songs, including "Jagalah Kebersihan" (Let's Maintain Cleanliness), a song composed by Mpok Nori. Five dancers further enlivened the performance with various creative dances, including "Lenggok Dara."

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Translator: Abdu F, Kenzu
Editor: Anton Santoso
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