Denpasar, Bali (ANTARA) - The Bali Transportation Service (Dishub Bali) is preparing to connect the electric bus rapid transit (eBRT) with an intellegent transport system (ITS) and make it operational next year.

Dishub Bali head IGW Samsi Gunarta said on Tuesday that the eBRT is expected to start to operate in two corridors in 2025. The bus service is expected to provide certainty to passengers regarding travel and arrival times.

He explained that for the electric buses to operate efficiently, they must not encounter obstacles on the road. Therefore, dedicated lanes will be created and restricted from being used by private vehicles.

"An integrated IT-based system is needed," Gunardi stated.

He added that Dishub Bali will also socialize the eBRT system beforehand, as the dedicated lanes will occupy space currently used by the public.

Meanwhile, I Made Rai Ridharta, the chairperson of the Indonesian Transportation Society (MTI) Bali, highlighted limited road space as an obstacle to the development of public transportation on the island.

"Building a special road is not possible due to limited space," he said.

However, Ridharta noted that public transportation with appropriate facilities and technology can still serve as a solution to traffic jams in Bali.

He pointed out that currently, people are hesitant to use public transportation due to uncertain schedules.

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Translator: Ni Putu Putri M, Resinta Sulistiyandari
Editor: Anton Santoso
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