Jakarta (ANTARA) - Vice President Ma'ruf Amin and the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar University of Egypt, Ahmad Muhammad Ahmed Al-Tayeb, discussed viable measures for addressing Islamophobia during a meeting at the Vice Presidential Palace, Jakarta, on Wednesday.

"They discussed two essential things, with one of them being ways to combat Islamophobia that still stands as an international phenomenon," the vice president's spokesperson, Masduki Baidlowi, informed.

He said that Amin and Al-Tayeb also shared the experiences of Indonesia and Egypt in promoting a moderate outlook of Islam to handle the spread of Islamophobia.

"Mr. Vice President shed light on the development of moderate Islam in Indonesia," he disclosed.

The two figures were on the same page regarding the need for countries to utilize their political influence to assist non-state actors in combating Islamophobia, Baidlowi added.

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"The Grand Sheikh deems it necessary for countries to exert their political power for this cause. The more countries involved, the better," he continued.

The spokesperson further said that the Vice President and the Egyptian scholar agreed on the importance of intensifying moderate Islam movements to prevent parties from committing violent acts in the name of the religion.

"They both consider the intensification of moderate Islam movements in various countries crucial," he added.

Grand Sheikh Al-Tayeb also encouraged Indonesia to make even greater efforts to promote moderate Islam at the international level, he said.

Egypt's Al-Azhar and other countries in the Middle East will also take steps to promote moderate Islam, he quoted the Grand Sheikh as saying.

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