Three strategic positions in Naval Academy transferred

Surabaya, East Java (ANTARA News) - Three strategic positions in the Naval Academy (AAL) had been transferred in a ceremony led by governor of the academy Rear Admiral Ade Supandi here Monday.

The three positions are Academy Secretary transferred from Colonel Wachid S to Colonel Rusmali Anggawiria, Physical Department Chief from Colonel Zainal Abidin to Colonel Eddy Sisyanto, and chief treasurer from Lt Col Suprihandono to Major Taufik Wijoyoko.

Rusmali Anggawirya was previously expert staff of the RI Armada Commander for the Western Area, while Colonel Wachid S has entered retirement, while Colonel Zainal Abidin who was Physical Department Chief would be head of sub-directorate of Physical Development of the Department of Personnel Care replacing Colonel Eddy Sisyanto.

Rear Admiral said the transfer of posts is a usual phenomenon in the Military.(*)