Babel province needs investment in mining sector

Pangkalpinang (ANTARA News) - Bangka-Belitung (Babel) provincial government needs investments in the mining sector, the head of the regional mining and energy department, Noor Nedi, said here on Tuesday.

He said the province had quartz sand, granite, nickel, bauxite, and kaolin deposits in abundance and investors could develop them optimally.

"The mining sector in the province is quite promising for investors," Noor Nedi said, adding that production cost and mining regulations would be reduced and improved.

Noor explained that the local government was continuously maintaining a conducive investment climate while offering the region`s mining potentials to investors.

"Babel has a lot of major and smaller islands with mineral potentials of quartz sand, granite, nickel, bauxite, and kaolin for investors ," Noor Nedi said.