Domestic violence still rampant in Indonesia: Minister

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Domestic violence is still rampant in Indonesia, according to women`s Role Empowerment Minister Linda Amalia Gumelar here on Tuesday.

"The number of domestic violence incidents is still very high and therefore all elements of the community are required to help eradicate domestic violence," she said after opening a seminar to mark International Women`s Day.

On the occasion, the minister also launched a book on "How to Prevent Domestic Violence" published by her office.

Linda said all elements of the community needed to give special attention to the issue in order to eradicate it.

She said "domestic violence does not only cause physical sufferings but also psychological, sexual and economic harm. It also affects a family`s life because of the forcible acts and deprivation of liberty against the law that come with it in the family."

The minister said domestic violence violates human rights and principles of harmonious relationship in a family that respects gender equality.

"Domestic violence causes a huge loss in a family and demonstrates a failure in the protection of women (wives) or girls (daughters) as the most victims in the incident with husbands or men as the perpetrators," she said.

She said that although the law against domestic violence has been in place ( Law Number 23 0f 2004) cases of domestic violence still continued to happen.

She said it was not easy to eradicate the case as it relates to a traditional patriarchal culture that leads to marginalization, discrimination and subordination of women and children in the family, community, state and national life.

In view of that she called on all stakeholders, community leaders and community organizations to help promote the success of domestic violence eradication in the country.