Evacuated RI students return to Egypt

Cairo (ANTARA News) - A Garuda Indonesia jetliner carried evacuated Indonesian students back to Egypt on Wednesday morning.

The Indonesian students were evacuated from Egypt last month after a political crises erupted in the country.

"But a Garuda jetliner with 213 evacuated Indonesian students arrived at Cairo International Airport here at 4.05 local time on Wednesday morning," spokesman of Indonesian Embassy here, Iwan Wijaya Mulyatno said.

Iwan said that after arriving in Cairo, the Indonesian students were transported to the Embassy consular office in Nasr City to have a rest and meal before being sent to their respective lodgings both in Cairo and elsewhere.

Some 60 evacuated Indonesian students have arrived earlier in Cairo by regular airplane at the cost of Indonesian Citizens Evacuation Task Force Unit (Satgas) which was led by Nur Hassan Wirayuda.

The Satgas has earlier chartered Garuda jetliner to evacuate more than 2,400 Indonesian citizens, most of them were students, from Egypt following the political crisis that toppled President Hosni Mubarak.

The evacuation of Indonesian citizens from Egypt was conducted in six flight groups of Garuda from February 1 to 10, 2011.

Meanwhile, the same Garuda jetliner GA-9800 in the same day on Wednesday continued its flight to Tunis, Tunisia, with other Indonesian citizens who were previously evacuated from Libya to Indonesia.

Indonesian Embassy in Tunis temporarily accommodated a number of Indonesians who were evacuated from Libya after a political crisis in the country.

It was the first time Garuda aircraft evacuated the Indonesian citizens in Tunis after some of them had returned to their home country by regular commercial flights including Emirate Airlines.

Some 216 Indonesian evacuees, mostly people who had been working in Libya, are expected to arrive in Jakarta on Thursday (March 10) morning.

The 216 people consisted among others of 93 students, seven relatives of Indonesian diplomats at the embassy in Tripoli, and formal and non-formal Indonesian migrant workers, Moh Jumhur Hidayat, said here Wednesday.

According to data from the Indonesian foreign ministry, there were 870 Indonesians in Libya, and 104 of them were migrant workers, mostly housemaids.