President: Poor people should get better access to justice

Bogor (ANTARA News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has called on judicative institutions to help the poor and marginalized people get better access to justice.

The president made the call when officially kicking off a Regional Conference of the International Association for Court Administration (IACA) in Bogor Palace, West Java, Monday.

The Justice for All program, including for the poor and marginalized people, is one of the development`s goals stated by the government in the Presidential Instruction No. 3/2010 on just development program.

"As the implementation of the presidential instruction, we oblige the central and regional governments` personnel to focus more on justice program for children, and women, as well as in the fields of manpower and labor, legal aid, legal reform, and law, as well as justice program for the poor and the marginalized," the President said.

The access to justice expansion for the people, according to the president, could be carried out through more efficient case management by applying information technology, encouraging the role of NGOs, he said.

The head of state also hoped that the people`s access to legal products could be expanded by producing faster and easier verdic and legal decisions.

Yudhoyono also called for more poor people get access to free legal consultation, aid and trial. He said mobile court hearing in isolated regions must also be intensified.

Chairman of the Supreme Court Agung Harifin A Tumpa in his opening report in the IACA regional conference said MA has implemented a pilot project of mobile court hearing in 46 regions.

The number was relatively small compared to more than 300 district and religious courts existing throughout Indonesia.

In his speech, President Yudhoyono said the number of free of charge trials should be increased from the current 4,000 cases annually to 11,000 cases/year.

Representatives of 87 countries are participating in the Regional Conference of the International Association for Court Administration Access to Justice (IACA), in Bogor, March 13-16, 2011.(*)