Chikungunya attacks scores of residents

Kebumen, C Java (ANTARA News) - Some 20 Kedawung villagers of Pejagoan sub-district in Kebumen regency, Central Java, had been attacked by chikungunya in the past week.

"We have made a field inspection and taken medical measures to heal the victims," Head of the Kebumen Infectious Diseases Eradication and Environmental Health Agency Kusbiyantoro said here Monday.

The victims came from 11 families in Kalimati, Kedawung village, he said.

One of the medical personnel of Pejagoan, Lusi, said the victims had pains in their bodies after being attacked by chikungunya.

"Many of them had received medical help, and the condition of some of them had already much improved," he said, adding that the environment there lacked cleanliness.

There are so many water puddles left by land diggings for making bricks and roof tiles in the area.

Kedawung rural secretary Junaedi said the local residents have resumed their mutual help program of building a cleaner and healthier environment.

Chikungunya is the result of bites of the Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes, and the victims normally had pains in their knees, feet and hands, backbone, sudden 39 Celcius fever, red skin dots, and headache.

The attacks of the disease are normally limited and the victims are cured by themselves.