Australian government helps Banjarmasin`s sanitation

Banjarmasin, S.Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - The Australian government provides a grant to the Banjarmasin city administration for its sanitation program, Banjarmasin mayor, Muhidin said here, Tuesday.

The Australian government sent a team for the initial grant, the mayor said.

After an inspection of the work of the first grant, the second phase of the funds will be provided after the sanitation program had been completed by the Banjarmasin company of Waste Water Management Area (PD PAL).

With the Australian government grant of Rp10 billion, the Banjarmasin city administration is very helpful in implementing the community sanitation program.

Therefore, it is expected that in the future Banjarmasin city will be an area with a good sanitation system and supported by the community.

In addition, the Banjarmasin city administration will also formulate laws on sanitary affairs that would require every building owner to have a standard sanitation system, Muhidin noted.

Meanwhile, the director of PD PAL Banjarmasin, Muh.Muhidin plans to call the city of thousand rivers, free from waste.

The target is expected to be realized in 2028.

Currently, waste in Banjarmasin is very alarming and it is estimated that more than 70 percent of the population do not manage their waste appropriately, Muh.Muhidin noted.

Therefore, PD PAL Banjarmasin as waste water management company intends to direct the local people to carry out a good and perfect waste management system especially in household waste.

Currently, the existing waste management system in Banjarmasin city in general is a local system consisting of family latrines or toilets with septic tanks.

As an effort to improve the environmental condition and the public`s health, the Banjarmasin city administration plans to build a centralized sanitary system, Muh.Muhidin said.(*)