Police yet to question alleged NII kingpin

Jakarta, May 11 (ANTARA) - The police still have no plan to summon for questioning Panji Gumilang, the man many people believe is a key figure in the outlawed NII (Indonesian Islamic State) movement, a spokesman said.

"Our investigations into the NII`s activities have until today not yet reached that stage. Any way, I have not yet heard from investigators (that Panji Gumilang, head of the Al Zaytun Islamic boarding school in Indramawyu, West Java) is going to be summoned for questioning," Senior Commissioner Boy Rafli Amar, head of the National Police Headquarters` general information service, said here Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the police had received a report from Imam Supriyanto, a former NII "production boosting minister", on alleged forgery cases and rumor mongering activity by NII at the Al-Zaytun boarding school.

"The report does not suggest the commission of acts that can be categorized as an attempt to overthrow the government while our focus is on possible violations of the law," Boy said.

Police investigators were still questioning Imam Supriyanto for further clarifications on things he had mentioned in his report, the police information officer said.

"We are acting on all information we have received in order to find legally valid facts that can serve as legally acceptable proof," Boy said.

In regard to Panji Gumilang, the information the police had so far received on him could not yet be considered as legally valid facts, he said.

" We still need legally valid proof that Panji Gumilang has broken the law through the activities people have accused him of such as trying to overthrow the government, fraud and other offenses," Boy said.