Polman to have cacao fertilizer plant

Mamuju, West Sulawesi (ANTARA News)- The West Sulawesi administration planned to build a cacao fertilizer plant in Luyo sub-district, Polman regency, to boost the production and quality of cacao in the area.

"Luyo sub-district is a cacao fruit producing center in Polman, the provincial administration is therefore planning to immediately build a cacao producing plant, to make it easier for the local farmers to obtain fertilizer," West Sulawesi Governor Anwar Adnan Saleh said here Tuesday.

He said the cacao growers in Luyo where almost a 100 pct of the population are raising cacao crops, had been complaining about the difficulty in securing fertilizer when they needed it.

In this context, the governor said the government needs to be responsive in accommodating the farmers` wish to boost their cacao seeds.

"The cacao growers in Luyo had already been enjoying the benefits of the Better Cacao Quality and Production Drive promoted in 2008, and since then their welfare had much improved," he said.

"Plant pests had to be anticipated by the farmers among others by the constant availability of fertilizers," he said.

He also said that actually to build a cacao fertilzir plant is not too difficult, if there is a will to do so. (*)