Education minister urged to oversee Pancasila education

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - National Education Minister M.Nuh should seriously oversee the reintroduction of Pancasila (Indonesia`s state ideology) instruction at schools, a legislator said here on Monday.

"The overseeing must be done from the planning until the implementation stage (of Pancasila education), and (the minister) is also expected to listen to suggestions and considerations from the House Commission-X," said Ferdiansyah, a member of the House commission-X.

He made the remarks regarding the demand from several quarters, that Pancasila education be reimplemented in all levels of national education.

The need for Pancasila education relating to the rampant growth of fundamentalist ideology, radicalism and liberalism which can trigger the development of anarchist actions to terrorism, he said.

According to Ferdiansyah, in efforts to make Pancasila education concrete and clear, the government should revise the government regulation (PP) No.19 on national education standards.

The revision of the government regulation (PP) No.19 is aimed to emphasize the categories and classification structure of the curriculum and the basic framework of the curriculum, he said.

Previously, Constitutional Court (MK) Chairman Mahfud MD said on Monday the heads of state institutions will meet at the MK office here on Tuesday (May 24) to discuss the Indonesian state ideology of Pancasila.

The discussion forum on Pancasila would be attended by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Vice President Boediono, the heads of the People`s Consultative Assembly (MPR) , House of Representatives, Regional Representatives Council (DPD), State Audit Agency (BPK), the Attorney General`s Office , Judicial Commission (KY) and the Constitutional Court (MK).

Pancasila comprises the five principles of the Republic of Indonesia`s state ideology, namely belief in God Almighty, humanity that is just and civilized, the unity of Indonesia, democracy guided by the wisdom of representative deliberation, and social justice for all Indonesians. (*)