Probosutedjo establishes Soeharto Center

Probosutedjo establishes Soeharto Center


Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Probosutedjo, the younger half-brother of former Indonesian president Soeharto, established Soeharto Study Center here on Thursday.

Located at the second floor of Mercu Buana University in West Jakarta, the Soeharto Study Center will function as the center of studies and discussions on national economic development plans.

"The Soeharto Study Center will function to dig into the thoughts of the former Indonesian president who has ruled for 32 years as the present government`s reference in the framework of national economic development," Probosutedjo said after a meeting to establish the center at Le Meredian Hotel on Thursday.

He said discussions to find out government solution to current national issues could also be conducted at the Soeharto Center.

Probosutedjo also mentioned Soeharto`s policy and national programs namely the first, State Policy Guidelines, better known as Garis-Garis Besar Haluan Negara or GBHN, represented a consensus on the direction of national development for each successive period.

Second, Trilogy of National Development as balancing growth with stability and equity as the direction and objective of national development.

Third, eight distribution channels such as distribution of people`s basic needs, opportunity to acquire education and health services, and revenue sharing and others.

Fourth, food resilience program and food self-sufficiency that eventually led Indonesia to wining gold medal on July 21, 1986 to make many countries wanted to study about development in Indonesia.

Fifth, family planning and and population program to prevent population boom, and the sixth was the ten basic program of Empowerment and Family Welfare Movement (PKK).

"It is better off if the policies that have been yielded by Soeharto can be applied again in the present era because it is a real fact that many people have enjoyed prosperity from those policies," Probosutedjo said.

He added that the establishment of Soeharto Center was in conjunction with the former president`s 90th birthday. (*)