Some 22 migrant workers may face death sentence

Padang, W. Sumatra (ANTARA News) - Law and Human Rights Minister Patrialis Akbar disclosed that another 22 Indonesian migrant workers might be facing execution by beheading in Saudi Arabia as happened to Indonesian house maid Ruyati binti Satubi (54).

"Another 22 TKIs may also face the same punishment," he said here Saturday, adding that the 22 are out of 316 Indonesians in Saudi Arabia involved in legal cases.

The data had been obtained following a meeting between the Indonesian law and human rights minister and the relevant ministers in Saudi Arabia held on April 13, 2011, he added.

He said in the meeting the Indonesian government is trying to prevent troubled TKIs from receiving the death sentence.

It had been agreed in the meeting that the Saudi government could free troubled TKIs, except those who had already been sentenced to death (Qishas) and did not get a pardon from their relatives.

He said the 23 TKIs (including Ruyati) facing the death penalty by beheading and one of them, namely Ruyati binti Satubi had already been executed on Saturday at 3 am local time.

With regard to this fact, Patrialis said the government will be constantly trying to see that the other 22 TKIs are not having the same fate with Ruyati`s.

The Saudi authorities will also try to help the relatives and families of the victims from legal errors on TKIs to give a pardon to change the death penalty, he said.

The two governments will make a joint effort to prevent the other TKIs from undergoing the same fate of Ruyati`s, Patrialis added.  (*)