Some 33 corporate tax dodgers owe US$583 million to state

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) said up to 2010 there were still 33 companies which owed over US$583 million in unpaid oil and gas taxes to the state.

ICW researcher Firdaus Ilyas said here on Monday that the 33 oil and gas companies which still had unpaid tax bills were foreign and national firms.

The ICW latest data on May 24, 2011, which were formulated from the results of the auditing of the State Audit Board (BPK) and the Development and Financial Supervision Agency (BPKP), showed that the 33 tax evaders included lain VICO, BP West Java Ltd, Total E&P Indonesia, Star Energy and Petrochina International Indonesia Ltd (Block Jabung).

Others are ConocoPhillips South Jambi Ltd, Chevron Makassar Ltd (Block Makassar), JOB Pertamina-Golden Spike Indonesia Ltd, Chevron Pasicif Indonesia (CPI) and ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia Inc.

They also included Mobil Exploration Indonesia Inc - North Sumatera Offshore Block, Premier Oil Natuna Sea BV, CNOOC SES Ltd, BOB PT BSP - Pertamina Hulu (Area CPP), CPI (Area Rokan-PSC).

Kondur Petroleum (Area Malacca Strait), ConocoPhillips (Grissik, Area Corridor-PSC), JOB (PSC) Amerada Hess (Area Jambi Merang) and JOB (PSC) Golden Spike (Area Raja Pendopo) are also included in the list.

The ICW also listed JOB (PSC) Petrochina International (Area Tuban), JOB (PSC) Talisman-OK (Area Ogan Komering), JOA (PSC) Kodeco (Area West Madura), Chevron Indonesia (Area E Kalimantan), Kalrez Petroleum (Area Bula Seram) and Petrochina International (Bermuda) Ltd (area Salawati Basin, Papua).

It also mentioned JOB (PSC) Medco E&P Tomori (Area Senoro Toili, Sulawesi), PT Pertamina EP (Area Indonesia), BOB PT BSP-Pertamina Hulu (Area CPP), Premier Oil (Area Natuna Sea "A") and PHE Ogan Komering-JOB P TOKL.

And the the last three are BP Berau Ltd (Area Off Berau Kepala Burung Irian Jaya), BP Muturi Ltd (Are Ons Off Muturi, Irian Jaya), and BP WiriagAr Ltd (AreA Wiriagar, Papua).

0f the 33 firms, the total tax arrears reached more than US$583.006 million up to 2010.(*)