All Darwin-Ambon rally yachts to reach finish Thursday

Ambon, Maluku (ANTARA News) - All yachts participating in the International Darwin-Ambon Yacht Rally were expected to reach the finish line at Amahusu, Nusaniwe sub district, here on Thursday.

"Until today, only two yachts have not reached the finish, namely the Wicked captained by Danny Foley and the Solace III captained by Roger Hatten," Robin Tix, chairman of the rally`s organizing committee from Darwin, said here on Thursday.

Of the total of 17 participating yachts, 15 had arrived in Ambon since they left Darwin (Northern Australia) on Saturday (July 23).

Based on the latest monitoring, the two yachts would arrived on Thursday, at 10.30 am local time for Wicked and Solace III at 11.30 am local time.

Earlier on Thursday, Pandora (Captain Rick Setter) arrived in Ambon at 2.30 am local time, and Shady Lady (Captain Peter Charles) at 7.00 am local time.

"The wind in Ambon Bay waters is not friendly to the rally`s participants, as the wind always come from different direction so it disadvantageous to sail toward Amahusu," Robin said.

The first yacht arriving in Ambon on Monday (July 25) at 8.30 pm was Fantasia (Captain Andrew Stransky, with five crew members). In the second place was Walk on the Wildside (Captain Garth Curran), followed by Freedom Express (Captain Ross Mc Combe), Australian Maid (Captain John Wardill), Sue Sea (captain Brian Todd), XScape (Captain Andrew Boller), and Game Set (Captain John Mulkearns).

On Wednesday, participating yachts which reached the finish line were Even Karma (Captain John Hardy), Breakaway VI (Captain Alan Chalk), Kuching (Captain Bruce Panting), Raucous (Captain Bob Colman), Kind of Blue (Captain Dick van der Waaij) and Maralinga (Captain John Jordan)," he said.

In addition to the 15 participating yachts entering the finish line, there were two non-participating yachts, namely Parley (Captain Ray Jones) and Scot Free II (Captain Barrie Morgan) which also arrived at Amahusu beach on Sunday (July 24).