RI, French mily contingents hold joint exercise in Lebanon

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian and French military contingents grouped in the United Nations (UN) Peace Keeping Mission in South Lebanon (UNIFIL) held a joint exercise in creasing cooperation and their profession capabilities, a spokesman said.

The infantry mechanical battalion of the Garuda contingent-XXIII-E/UNIFIL held a joint exercise with French Force Commander Reserve/FCR in the Soekarno parade field, then battalion head quarters, UN POSN 7-1, Adshit Al Qusayr, South Lebanon, chief of the Indonesian contingent, Lt Col Hendy Antariksa said on Sunday.

Antariksa in his e-mailed statement made available to Antara on Sunday said the joint exercises dubbed "Joint Rate Exercise Forward Command Post" took place on Friday and Saturday (July 29-30).

The French contingent on the occasion fielded a cavalry and 23 personnel led by unit commander Captain Bechard Erwan and followed by 100 soldiers of the Indonesian defense forces (TNI)

representing the Company and Headquarters, and Battalion joined the Garuda Contingent XXIII-E/UNIFIL.

"On the first day of the exercise, a briefing was held at the Indobatt meeting room presided by Major Hendriawan Senjaya and followed with the presentation of arms introduction and the French contingent combat gear," Antariksa said.

In addition, the exercise of the Forward Command Post was held on the second day in a simulation with a target of observation in the vicinity the Indobatt NArea Of Responsibility (AOR), he said.

The exercises were mainly carried out at critical points of Alpha Company in El Addaisse near the border of Israel and Lebanon , Antariksa added. (*)