President inspects Tanjung Priok passenger port

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono inspected the passenger port at Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, on Saturday to see its readiness to meet the coming long holiday.

As usual ports and terminals will be crowded by thousands of people wishing to travel to their home towns or villages to celebrate the Islamic post-fasting Idul Fitri holiday with their families and friends ahead of the holiday.

President Yudhoyono in the company of First Lady Ani Yudhoyono and a number of officials arrived at the port at 4.30pm and broke the fast together at a place near the passenger port`s waiting room.

Port workers during a dialog with the President complained that they still received a wage below standards.

Jakarta governor Fauzi Bowo when asked about it confirmed that the workers should have received Rp1.2 million a month instead of presently Rp1.1 million.

The workers` representative, Yono, said that they also received accommodations and medical clinic facilities besides the wage.

On the occasion President Yudhoyono called on the workers to keep supporting the government in its efforts to improve the country`s economy. "If economy grows a lot can be done to improve the welfare of the people," he said.(*)