Pusri guarantees sufficient supply of subsidized fertilizer in Bengkulu

Pusri guarantees sufficient supply of subsidized fertilizer in Bengkulu


Bangkulu (ANTARA News) - Fertilizer company PT Pusri guarantees sufficient supply of subsidized fertilizer for farmers in Bengkulu province, a company spokesman said.

"Farmers in Bengkulu should not worry about supply of subsidized fertilizer because we guarantee it will be sufficient to meet their demand no matter how much they need," PT Pusri Bengkulu spokesman Lambang Budi Santoso said here on Thursday.

According to him fertilizer stock in Bengkulu at present was over 1,000 tons, and it was ready to be distributed to the farmers who needed it.

"Therefore the farmers in Bengkulu should not worry about subsidized fertilizer scarcity during the planting season this year," Lambang Budi said.

But to get the subsidized fertilizer, Lambang said the farmers should make definitive plan for group need (RDKK) in accordance with subsidized fertilizer distribution procedures.

"The farmer groups are asked to propose the RDKK to local agriculture department or subsidized fertilizer distributors, and if their proposal is approved then the fertilizer will be distributed to them," he said.

According to him, the subsidized fertilizer distribution was conducted privately in a bid to anticipate perversion in the field or with the farmers.

Besides, the distribution was through RDKK in order that the subsidized fertilizer from the government would truly reach the less fortunate farmers.

"We are grateful that subsidized fertilizer distribution to the farmers in Bengkulu can run smoothly because it is conducted in accordance with Agriculture Ministry`s mechanism," Lambang Budi said.

He added that in 2011 Bengkulu province got subsidized fertilizer allocation of 28,000 tons from Agriculture Ministry for the farmers in 10 districts and cities in the province.

Of 28,000 tons of fertilizer allocation, 75 percent has been realized and the rest would follow before the end of December this year.