Minister asks muslim scholars to help move people`s economy

Malang, E Java (ANTARA News) - Coordinating Minister for Economy Hatta Rajasa has called on Muslim scholars grouped in Jam`iyah Ahli Thariqot Al Mu`thabaroh Anadiyah to participate in moving the people`s economy.

Hatta made the call at a function to close the 11th congress of Jamiyah Ahli Thoriqoh Al Mu`tabarah Annahdliyah at Al Munawariyah Islamic Boarding School in Bululawang sub-district, Malang, East Java, on Saturday.

The minister said the scholars could motivate other Muslims to make use of technology to build a big economic power in the country.

"Thoriqot experts can build an alliance to become the pillar of development by combining thought and prayer so as to be able to awake the national economy," Hatta said.

He said the Esemka car assembled by students of vocational schools in various regions should be fully supported by all.

"Thoriqot experts have the potential to generate enormous economic power, and the government will not remain idle but continue to assist the scholars," Hatta said.

The minister said that as the minister of economy, he was responsible for managing the national economy with the support of Muslim scholars.(*)