Hundreds of houses flooded in Boyolali

Boyolali, Central Java (ANTARA News) - Hundreds of houses in Kismoyono village, Boyolali district, Central Java, were on Wednesday inundated after heavy rains since the night before caused the Kijing and Jampen rivers to overflow.

Kismoyoso village chief Joko Margono said the deluge started to invade people`s houses at 01.00 and kept on rising until Wednesday morning.

"This year`s flooding is worse than in 2011. Our village is flooded every rainy season," he said.

The flood waters rose to the height of an adult`s hips but at around 09.00 they began to recede. People were now busy cleaning up the mud and garbage brought by the flood.

But at seven hamlets in Kismoyoso the height of the flood waters ranged from an ankle to an adult`s breast. This happened in the hamlets of Ngampo, Tegalan, Beran, Grasak, Krajan, Jampen, Kedunggowo, and Tambas.

There were no reports of fatalities because of the flood.  (*)