Bali`s tuna exports reach 83.02 million US dollars

Bali`s tuna exports reach 83.02 million US dollars

Tuna fish. (ANTARA/Sahrul Manda Tikupadang)

Denpasar (ANTARA News) - Bali gained 83.02 million US dollars in 2011 from the import of fresh and frozen tuna, a 16.30 pct decline from the 99.19 million US dollars in the year earlier.

Also the volume has declined 22.23 pct from 21,325.6 tons in 2010 to 16,585.48 tons in 2011, head of the Bali provincial administration`s public relations bureau I Ketut Teneng said in Denpasar on Thursday.

He said tuna exports have been much bigger than the export of 11 other fish species caught in Bali, with a contribution of 16.68 pct of the exports from Bali totaling 497.88 million US dollars.

Bali`s fish and marine product exports are worth 102.55 million US dollars or 20.60 pct of Bali`s total exports.

Ketut Teneng also said that the drop in the export of tuna fish mostly to Japan was due to extreme weather conditions reducing the catch of fishermen and fishing companies.

The shipment of tuna fish is expected to increase in 2012, as Bali`s tuna fish is competitive in the export market and is very popular to foreign consumers.

Tuna fish is normally caught in the high seas using the big ships of fishing companies based in Benoa port, Bali.

Tuna fish is also caught by local fishermen and after processing is exported fresh, and 12 hours later be enjoyed by foreign consumers especially in Japan, Ketut Teneng said.