Lady Gaga concert in Indonesia remains uncertain

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - U.S. pop singer Lady Gaga`s plans to hold a concert in Jakarta on June 3, 2012 remain uncertain, as the police have yet to issue a recommendation.

On Wednesday, Police Chief Gen. Timur Pradopo denied reports that the police had banned the concert under pressure from various religious organisations.

"We are still evaluating Lady Gaga`s plan to hold the concert; we are thinking of what is best for this nation, so that a decision regarding the concert will not harm the interests of the people," Timur was quoted as saying by the Jawa Post News Network website on Wednesday.

According to earlier reports, the Jakarta police had recommended that no licence should be issued for the concert in Jakarta, in response to requests from a number of societal organisations.

Jakarta Police Chief Insp. Gen. Untung S Rajab said on Wednesday that the police would disperse the concert audience if the organisers went ahead with their plan. "If the concert is held, the police will disperse the audience, because it means that they do not abide by the law," Untung remarked. He noted that the police, so far, have neither banned nor recommended the concert.

However, the organisers should consider the position of the police, who do not recommend the music performance by Lady Gaga.

According to Untung, the police decided not to recommend the concert not only for security reasons but also for the wider cause of protecting Indonesian culture, which may be negatively impacted by the concert.

The singer of "Poker Face" plans to perform at the Jakarta Bung Karno Sports Main Stadium on June 3, 2012.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Islamic Defence Front (FPI) Habib Rizieq Syihab also threatened to disperse the concert crowds if the organisers decided to go ahead with the plan. According to Habib Rizieq, Lady Gaga is a servant of Lucifer, a satanic name according to the Bible, based on her declaration that she is committed to building a demon kingdom all over the world.

"If she performs on the stage, I will mobilise the Muslims in Jakarta to disrupt the concert," asserted Habib during a religious assembly with the Kabah Youth Organisation in Central Java.

According to Habib, Lady Gaga in her latest concert had stated her intention to build a satanic kingdom of Lucifer in Indonesia. In response, Habib affirmed that Indonesian Muslims will wage a war against the demons.

Ahmad Basarah, a member of the House of Representatives` Commission III, has expressed his agreement with the Indonesian police`s decision to deny the permit for Lady Gaga`s concert.

Lady Gaga, an internationally recognised pop icon, is famous for her crazy antics, such as wearing a dress made entirely out of meat for an awards show. Basarah - who belongs to the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) - is not a fan of the singer, and has voiced his disapproval of her upcoming appearance in Indonesia.

"I agree that we should be more selective towards the many interventions of foreign culture or transoceanic ideologies that enter Indonesia," he told ANTARA here on Tuesday.

According to Basarah, it is important to note the response of the Indonesian police, especially in this situation. He also remarked that Indonesians are experiencing a patriotic identity crisis within themselves.

He affirmed, however, that being more selective and firm will work as a preventive measure to keep foreign culture away from Indonesia.

"The scale of prevention needs to be based on common law, as stated by the state`s five ideological principles, the Pancasila. The Pancasila should be the source of all laws," he added.

In the meantime, the Deputy Governor of West Java province, Dede Yusuf, admitted that a subdued and potentially less offensive version of the Lady Gaga concert would be held in Bali. "Personally, I would still refuse, because Lady Gaga is not suitable for Indonesian culture," remarked Dede, a former film star.

He stressed that Indonesians must protect their culture from being tainted by Lady Gaga`s provocative image. "Lady Gaga is often contemptuous of religious symbols. She is also considered to be the devil incarnate," Dede added.

Some Islamic hard-line groups have objected to the diva`s revealing clothing; they say her vulgar show will corrupt Indonesian youths.

National police spokesman Boy Rafli Amar confirmed that the police had denied a permit for the June 3 concert. Concert promoter Michael Rusli has already sold 52,000 tickets.

The concert is one of the first stops on Lady Gaga`s world tour titled `The Born This Way Ball,` which is slated to run from April to October.

In Lady Gaga`s concert which took place in Seoul on April 27, 2012, rallying conservative Christian groups condemned her for supporting homosexuality and pornography.(*)