Central govt decides fertilizer quota

Palembang, S Sumatra (ANTARA News) - The central government will decide subsidized fertilizer quota for each region in the country while state-owned fertilizer firm PT Pupuk Sriwidjaya (Pusri) only distributes the commodity, the firm`s corporate secretary M Zain Ismed said.

"Basically, Pusri is only operator to distribute subsidized fertilizers while the party which decides the quota is the central government," Ismed said here on Thursday.

He said that the government decided the quota based on requests from the regions.

In deciding the quota for South Sumatra, for example, the government based its decision on the request from the provincial government, while the provincial government based its quota requests from the need of districts and municipalities.

He suggested that the provincial governments should carefully calculate their respective need for subsidized fertilizers before they asked for quota from the central government. (*)