Leakage in official trip budget reaches 40 pct

Leakage in official trip budget reaches 40 pct

Agus Martowardojo (FOTO ANTARA)

...to investigate official trip spending
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Finance Minister Agus Martowardojo said that much of the budget for official trips was inappropriately spent and caused budget leakage of about 40 percent.

"The leakage of budget for official trips can reach 30 to 40 percent. This is not acceptable. We call on the ranks and files of the authorities overseeing institutions to remind ministries and institutions so this case would not happen," the finance minister said here on Friday.

He said that the State Audit Board (BPK) had found many practices which were not in line with regulations, in this was a crime in the use of state budget.

Therefore, he called on the apparatuses of the Inspectorate General to investigate official trip spending which deviated from regulations, as the same case also had happened with the capital and goods expenditures.

This raised concerns as it happened amid the government`s efforts to carry out efficiency and to save on the state budget after the postponement of the plan to increase subsidized fuel oil prices and amid the economic crisis in Europe.

The minister instructed his ministry`s rank and file to keep on maintaining the state budget so that it would not be burdened with officials trip funds.

"No single country could be managed if its spending is bigger than its revenues because it`s credibility as a healthy state is at stake," the finance minister said.