Regeneration of badminton players needed: PBSI

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - An All Indonesia Badminton Association (PBSI) executive raised the need for regeneration on Tuesday following recent painful defeats in the quarter final rounds of the Thomas and Uber Cup group championships in China.

"Let us be frank. We have been overtaken by China and Japan. And the only way to overcome it is regeneration," PBSI Secretary General Jakob Rusdianto said at PBSI Headquarters in Cipayung.

He praised regeneration process in Japan, South Korea and China which he considered as having been done very well, referring especially to the Chinese government`s participation by directely recruiting new talented athletes from elementary school levels and holding school competitions to develop them.

He said badminton has also been included as one of the school curriculum in China.

In Japan and China talented athletes are directly picked up and groomed by the government while in Indonesia they are taken from existing clubs, he said.

He said he through Indonesia could follow their methods of recruitment although full support would be needed from regional governments with regard to current regional autonomy.

Sharing Yakob`s view the sports minister`s deputy for sports achievement and development, Djoko Pekik Irianto, said that regeneration now was not as intensive as before.

"Regional PBSI chapters are not as enthusiastic as they are before. This has to be revived," he said.

A mixed double player, Tontow Ahmad, said the disappointing defeats in China recently must be taken as an evaluation material not only for athletes but also PBSI executives.

"I believed they (athletes) have fought maximally," Ahmad`s partner, Liliyana Natsir said.

Following its defeat in the Thomas and Uber Cup championships in China Indonesia is now focusing on the London Olympic Games.

"We hope I could make the best. By winning a gold medal in the Olympic Games I hope the pain would be cured," Ahmad said.

Indonesia`s women team was defeated 2-3 by Japan in the quarter finals while its men`s team was crushed 2-3 also by Japan in the quarter finals.