RI govt sets 2012 haj pilgrimage costs

RI govt sets 2012 haj pilgrimage costs

Religious Minister Suryadharma Ali

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Following long discussions and deliberations, the Religious Ministry and Commission 8 of the House of Representatives set this year`s Haj Pilgrimage Cost (BPIH) at an average of US$ 3,617.

The plenum to set BPIH was started Tuesday at 2.30 pm under the chairmanship of House Commission VIII Ida Fauziah, with attendance of Religious Minister Suryadharma Ali, Director General of Haj and Umroh (lesser pilgrimage to Mecca) (PHU) Anggito Abimanyu, Religious Ministry Secretary General Bahrul Hayat and some other relevant religious authorities.

The decision of the BPIH is not signed only by House Commission VIII chairwoman Hj. Ida Fauziyah and Religious Minister Suryadharma Ali, but also by House Commission VIII deputy chairman Gondo Raityo Gambiro MBA, Hj. Chairun Nisa MA and Jazuli Jawaini Lc.MA.

This year`s BPIH has been raised by US$ 84 from last year`s due to increased flight cost. Embarkation spots are different for the flights.

The following are this year`s BPIH for each embarkation spots: Aceh 3,328 USD, Medan 3,388 USD, Batam 3,468 USD, Padang 3,404 USD, Palembang 3,456 USD, Jakarta 3,638 USD, Solo 3,617 USD, Surabaya 3,738 USD, Balikpapan 3,819 USD, Banjarmasin 3,808 USD, Makassar 3,882 USD, Lombok 3,857 USD, while last year`s: Aceh 3,285 USD, Medan 3,377 USD, Batam 3,460 USD, Padang 3,369 USD, Palembang 3,417 USD, Greater Jakarta 3,589 USD, Solo 3,549 USD, Surabaya 3,612 USD, Banjarmasin 3,720 USD, Balikpapan 3,736 USD, and Makasar 3,795 USD. (NG/A014)