Thailand offers Indonesia cooperation in Muslim attire

Thailand offers Indonesia cooperation in Muslim attire

(ANTARA/Seno S.)

"So that our Muslim attire has been eyed by other countries."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Thailand has expressed interest in cooperating with Indonesia on the development and design of Muslim attire to meet export markets, a senior official said.

"Thai delegates often visit Indonesia to seek for cooperation with us. They are interested in the business after learning the fashion and quality of its Muslim attire," Director General for Small and Middle Scale Industries of the Industry Ministry Euis Saedah said on the occasion of opening a Muslim attire expo here on Tuesday.

Thailand expressed its interest through their embassy office in Jakarta and also through direct contacts between Thai businessmen and their Indonesian partners.

"The Thai delegates said They have materials and access to the European market and have better advertisement," Euis said.

However, she further added, the Indonesian government and producers were very careful and needed to prepare a better strategy in responding to the cooperation offer on the ground that Thailand could be our competitors in Muslim attire exports in the future.

"We have to be careful and should not easily accept their offer before taking it into consideration and having discussed it. Therefore we need to prepare a strategy to cooperate with foreign partners," she said.

Besides, on many occasions of international expo on Muslim garments, the works of Indonesian designers are highly demanded by the public.

For example, after the implementation of the International Islamic Fashion Fair, many demands and questions from foreign buyers to producers of the Indonesian Muslim fashion.

"So that our Muslim attire has been eyed by other countries," said Euis adding she was optimistic that Indonesia would be able to reach the target of being the center of the world Muslim attire and fashion in 2020.

She called on the producers of Muslim attire to continue making design innovation and materials to meet the need of domestic and international markets.
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