Interior minister: Zionist regime seeks to cover up crimes through Syria crisis

Tehran (ANTARA News/IRNA-OANA) - Interior Minister Mostafa-Mohammad Najjar says Syria crisis is part of the arrogant powers' scenario to cover up crimes of the occupying regime of Quds.

Addressing a group of his personnel, Najjar said through the plot, the global arrogance wants to divert public opinion to Syria issue.

"They want to divert public opinion from the forged Israeli regime's brutal crimes. The arrogant powers are now designing plots to divide Muslim nations, pitting them against each other," said Najjar.

The arrogant powers have set up hundreds of satellite and radio stations, shipped weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and allocated hefty budget to propaganda campaign in a bid to play down the issues related to the Zionist regime, according to the Minister.

He underlined the need for unity among Iranian officials to foil enemies conspiracies. (AK)